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Tarleton has an Official Tartan

Pick it now, wear it later

Our Tartan Story

In August 2018 Drs. Randy McCamey and Karol Blaylock felt the university was ready for a tartan pattern to call its own. Inspired by an upcoming trip to Scotland, the two professors created a pattern and shared it with the Department of Marketing & Communications. After consulting Collegiate Tartan and a few versions of the pattern, we are proud to share our official tartan with you, named Ever Forward, Ever Onward.

Why Now?

In recent years Tarleton has celebrated its centennial, launched a new spirit mark and prepared to open a new campus in Fort Worth, so the time is perfect to introduce an innovative, yet traditional symbol as a way to identify and rally the Tarleton faithful.


We Need Your Help

Now that we have a tartan, we need your help! How do you want to wear your tartan? Please take a few minutes and select the items you would like to see represent our Tarleton Texans.

We will share this information with our retailers and prepare our tartan for its debut to the public. Stay tuned for emails and other social media regarding where to purchase tartan items.

Thank you for helping us launch our pattern to our alumni, students, friends and family!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Pick it Now, Wear it Later campaign. Check back in the fall on where to purchase your Tarleton Tartan.