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Scottish Studies
Summer 2017
6 Credit Hours

Course No:

  • POLS 4304
  • POLS 4306


June 9 - July 1, 2017

Course Objectives:

  • POLS 4304 - Moral and Political Philosophy II/Political Theory Since 1789

This course represents an introduction to political philosophy as seen through a consideration of some of the major texts, thinkers, and ethicists of the Western political tradition after the French Revolution of 1789. Accordingly we will focus on several key themes: political sovereignty (Hobbes, Payne, Hume), nationalism (Fichte, Mill, Russel, Hegel, Nietzsche), and democracy (Rousseau, Arendt, Locke). This course will consider how the ideas of these philosophers helped to shape political and social institutions, justice, and our present understanding of human rights in the global community.

  • POLS 4306 - European Politics

This course will provide you with a survey of the major topics, countries, issues, and challenges in contemporary European Politics. In this survey the course will focus specifically on Scotland and Scottish politics as part of the Summer 2017 Scottish Studies Program. The course will also provide a foundation for the additional courses in Political Philosophy and Justice in the UK.


Approximate Cost:


Does not include tuition and fees, meals, or personal expenses.

Contact Program Director:

Dr. Eric Morrow


Dr. Nathaniel Cogley

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