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Bydgoszcz, Poland

Globalization and Sustainability: U.S. and Poland Compared
Summer 2017
3 Credit Hours

Course No:

  • WSES 4341 - 210
  • WSES 5341 - 210


May 15 - June 10, 2017

Course Description:

This course has no prerequisites in content or preparation. 

The Study Abroad Learner has only registered at Tarleton State University, pay the tuition, pay the course fee, and understand and be prepared for the additional personal costs associated with the course. As such, the learner can expect laboratory/lecture instruction and training. While the learner is considered to be an absolute novice at/in the subjects the course is designed to deliver, it is an upper level elective course. As an upper level course the expectation from the learner is the highest scholarly attitude, execution of engagement, and learning at the highest level: a focused , attentive, and serious attitude. Course in an integrated design with learning modules more focused on practicum, survey, or demonstration. The learner is expected to share, via published web posts, experiences throughout the week. In addition the student will complete additional tasks associated with an Applied Learning Experience (ALE) evidencing development/enhancement/growth in knowledge, skills, and attitudes listed in the ALE course objectives and evaluation is not limited to, but includes four essays.


Approximate Cost:


Does not include tuition and fees, airfare, meals, or personal expenses.

Contact Program Director:

Dr. Donald McGahan

Forms and Flyers:


Other Resources:

Tarleton State University Applied Learning Experience