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Transfer Credit

Transfer Programs are those in which Tarleton has an agreement with a foreign institution or organization and students pay tuition and fees to the foreign institution or organization directly. Since students do not pay tuition and fees at Tarleton, they receive credit and a grade, but in some cases the grade is not calculated in the GPA on the Tarleton transcript for the course work completed abroad. A Transfer agreement guarantees that credit will be awarded at Tarleton for the course work completed abroad. Applicability for credit for Tarleton degree requirement is determined at the departmental level.


Third Party Program Providers

Coordinate international experiences for U.S. university students and charge a program fee inclusive of tuition and most on-site costs.

Ideal for students who would like the majority of the program logistics planned with some flexibility (e.g., housing options and/or add-on features).

U.S. universities and colleges

Check back in Fall 2017 for options

Foreign institutions through direct enrollment

Ideal for students who are familiar with the host destination and would like to enroll in classes along with local students


  • Courses and destinations available that may not be offered through Tarleton State University-sponsored programs
  • Access to additional scholarship opportunities
  • Greater variety of course offerings and program durations (3 weeks or longer)
  • An opportunity to study with students from around the world and/or local students
  • Available add-on features might include internship/volunteer work, excursions, and flexible housing options

Program Offerings

The are hundreds of transfer credit programs listed in our database. For a full list, please visit the program search engine.


  • Cumulative GPA based on the requirements of the sponsoring program provider or host institution
  • Good academic and conduct standing
  • Destination is approved by the Texas A&M University System

Application Process

  1. Transfer credit study abroad programs require students to pre-approve coursework with Tarleton via the study abroad application, as well as apply directly with the sponsoring program provider or host institution to participate.
  2. Create an application with the International Programs office:
    • If your program is listed in the search engine, you can search for the program, and then select "Apply Now."
    • If your program is not listed in the search engine, use this link to access the general transfer credit program application, and then select "Apply Now"
  3. Attend a mandatory Transfer Credit Study Abroad Application Advising Session. Step #2 must be completed before proceeding through application process. Please send an appointment request at to schedule a session.
  4. Complete the Tarleton State University study abroad program application which includes a Course Verification Form. To complete this application you will need to obtain signatures from your academic advisor, academic department head, and your college dean.
  5. Upon approval, log in to your Tarleton State University study abroad application and "Confirm" intent to participate.
  6. Coordinate with a representative from International Programs to apply and confirm your participation.