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Why consider leading a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program


I hope you’ll consider leading a group of students on a study abroad program. I can think of a lot of reasons that you should take the leap. Here are a few:

  • You will change your students’ perspectives about the world. And that’s a great, good thing. Many of our students haven’t had the opportunity to travel abroad, and your commitment to study abroad will give them new insights about the world. They might embark on the program with a relatively narrow view of the world; they will return with one decidedly broadened.
  • You can capitalize on your expertise and share it with your students in a new way. Many of you have international connections. You’re from another country, or you’ve traveled extensively. Maybe you have graduate school connections abroad. Start where you would feel most comfortable, and then use your imagination. Your students will see you in a whole new light.
  • You can create an opportunity that will set you and your students apart. Being well-traveled is an asset when students enter the competitive job market. Your students will have more interesting things to say in job interviews. Their resumes will be outstanding with added proof that they care about the world. And as travel relates to professional development, you’ll come away with new insights, greater depth and breadth of your subject knowledge, and a renewed sensitivity to the way other parts of the world view your profession. Your experiences might open up professional opportunities for fellowships or endowments that you never deemed possible.
  • Every study abroad course has an applied learning experience component built right in by its very nature. Submit an ALE application for your course, and you’ll be participating in an important Tarleton initiative.
  • You and your students will become ambassadors for Tarleton, Texas, and the United States. Immersing yourself and your students in another culture creates opportunities to forge new friendships with people all over the world. Make a difference. Take a small step in the journey toward world peace.

Feel free to email me at or visit the Study Abroad office located in room 21 at the lower level of the Thompson Student Center for details on submitting a proposal to lead a faculty-led program.

Safe travels!

Dr. Marilyn Robitaille, Director
Study Abroad & Global Exchange