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Student Travel

Travel involving students participating in a university-sanctioned activity or event that is located more than 25 miles from the originating campus location, center, institute, or facility (student travel) requires all travelers to follow all established laws and system and university policies, regulations, rules and procedures when the travel is:

  • funded by the university; or
  • in a university-owned, leased or rented vehicle; or
  • organized and/or sponsored by a Tarleton student organization; or
  • organized and/or sponsored by a university employee and/or under the scope, direction, or election of a college, department, university office, learning community, study abroad program, etc.

Please Note: This registration process is for domestic trips ONLY.

If you are traveling internationally, you must follow all provisions and regulations outlined in Tarleton's Foreign Travel Procedure and on the Study Abroad webpage. Visit the Study Abroad webpage to get started. 

Steps to Traveling

Step 1 - Complete Travel Profile and Waiver

  • Anyone traveling on a university-sanctioned activity or event, involving students, is required to complete the Travel Profile and Waiver (this includes students, faculty, staff and guests)
  • Once submitted, the traveler will receive an email at the address provided in the profile/waiver
  • Traveler must click on the link in the email to complete the signature process.
  • The Travel Profile and Waiver must be completed annually and updated as needed.
  • The Travel Profile is valid from June 1 - May 31 each year.

Step - 2 File Trip Registration

  • Trip Submitter can be any individual associated with your organization, department, or group who has detailed information about the trip.
  • Trip Submitter is responsible for filing the Trip Registration.
  • The Trip Registration includes but is not limited to name of organization, departure/return dates and times, mode of travel, hotel information (if applicable) and Vehicle Occupancy List (VOL).
  • Trip Submitter must upload the following documents during the Trip Registration process:
    • Vehicle Occupancy List (VOL) which includes:
      • number of vehicles traveling
      • list of drivers
      • driver's license numbers
      • vehicle license plate numbers
      • passenger list for each vehicle
    • Any additional information required by your organization, department, or group (Example: trip itinerary, departmental travel request, etc.)
  • The Trip Leader will serve as the point of contact while on the trip, maintain trip information, and report any emergencies to the university control center.
  • The Trip Leader MUST be traveling on the trip.
  • The Trip Submitter and Trip Leader can be the same person or two different people.

Step 3 - Contact Trip Coordinator

  • Each trip is automatically assigned a Trip Coordinator based on group.
  • The Trip Submitter MUST provide a list of travelers to the Trip Coordinator (including students, staff, and guests).
  • The list must include the legal name of each traveler.
  • The Trip Coordinator will finalize the trip and submit it for final approval.

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