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Texan Tools and Resources

Degree Works

DegreeWorks is an online resource for tracking your progress towards graduation. By listing courses you’ve successfully completed, courses you need to complete, and any outstanding requirements you may need to graduate, your personal degree evaluation is your guide to graduation day!

Timely Graduation Policies

Graduating in a timely manner can save students thousands of dollars, and the State of Texas has implemented related legislation all state-supported institutions must follow. Some programs offer benefits for students who graduate in a timely manner while others have consequences. It's important for students to be aware of the laws and how they relate to their education.

Your Major Action Plan

Are you ready to get the most out of Tarleton? Your Major Action Plan offers guidance specific to your major and allows you to MAP out university life from the first year through graduation! Action Plans are customized by major, and we encourage you to explore yours to learn more about campus resources, your needed coursework, research and internship opportunities, potential careers and more. Print out a copy of your action plan, check items off as you go, and stay on track to graduate!

Course Rotation Schedule

When developing your graduation plan, knowing which courses are required for your degree is only a part of your educational journey. Knowing when a course will likely be offered during your time at Tarleton State is also important. To assist in your academic and graduation planning, the Course Rotation Schedule offers you a list of anticipated future course offerings.

Self-Advising Guides

Texans begin with the end in mind! Working with you major field of study, Self Advising Guides provide a suggested sequence of courses you may take during your time at Tarleton. As you review yours, make note of course prerequisites and requirements, including course sequence, classification and course rotation.

Undergraduate Catalog

From the time you enroll at Tarleton State, your undergraduate catalog, which remains active for up to seven years, provides information on graduation requirements, course selection and academic policies that could impact your academic progress. For more information on your designated catalog, check DegreeWorks or consult your advisor.

Registration Guide

Everything you need to know about registering for classes at Tarleton State University is just a click away. The online registration guide has details on registration dates, hold and drop information, timely graduation and more.

Student Success Calendar