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Sophomore To-Do's!

As you enter your second year, your dedication and achievement have advanced your thinking, led to self-discovery and prepared you to take your Texan experience to the next level. Your sophomore year is the time to rise up, become an active member of the Texan community, and explore the possibilities ahead. While you're here, consider these tips for a successful Sophomore year:

  1. Complete at least 30 hours of degree-applicable course work.
  2. Explore and complete available Applied Learning Experiences such as internships, research, study abroad and more!
  3. Seek out volunteer opportunities in your area of study through Volunteer Match or United Way and give back to the community.
  4. Attend a cultural awareness event or program to strengthen your cultural knowledge and competency.
  5. Participate in Alternative Spring Break.
  6. Explore career opportunities within your major or field of interest and create opportunities for job shadowing.
  7. Connect with Career Services to begin establishing your professional brand by updating your high school resume.
  8. Check in with new and past faculty to establish professional relationships and build your academic network.

For a major specific recommendation, please consult Your Major Action Plan. Your Major Action Plan offers guidance specific to your major and allows you to MAP out university life from the first year through graduation! Action Plans are customized by major, and we encourage you to explore yours to learn more about campus resources, your needed coursework, research and internship opportunities, potential careers and more. Print out a copy of your action plan, check items off as you go, and stay on track to graduate!

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