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Junior To-Do's!

Your journey at Tarleton State is now about preparing to transition into the real world. It’s time to refine your educational and life goals, prepare for your chosen career path and further develop your skills as a community leader. Consider these tips for keeping you on track:

  1. Complete 30 hours of degree-applicable course work.
  2. Visit with a faculty advisor/mentor within your area of interest to explore student opportunities specific to your major.
  3. Consider participating in an undergraduate research or service learning project.
  4. Conduct informational interviews and talk to professionals in your fields of interest.
  5. Take part in the official ring ceremony.
  6. Consider leadership roles within student organizations and clubs.
  7. Become a tutor or SI leader!
  8. Explore internship opportunities with a faculty mentor in your concentration area and/or Career Services.
  9. Meet with a Career Serivces coach to plan your job-search campaign, schedule mock interviews and attend a Business Etiquette Dinner.
  10. Investigate graduate schools and attend the open house for Tarleton's College of Graduate Studies.

For a major specific recommendation, please consult Your Major Action Plan. Your Major Action Plan offers guidance specific to your major and allows you to MAP out university life from the first year through graduation! Action Plans are customized by major, and we encourage you to explore yours to learn more about campus resources, your needed coursework, research and internship opportunities, potential careers and more. Print out a copy of your action plan, check items off as you go, and stay on track to graduate!

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