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Freshman To-Do's!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a future full of new experiences, elevated learning and seemingly limitless opportunities. As a new Texan ready to embark on a journey leading to your college degree, consider the following during your first year at Tarleton!

  1. Earn at least 30 hours of degree applicable course work.
  2. Meet with your academic or faculty advisor to discuss your desired educational and career journey.
  3. Undecided about your major? Take advantage of career counseling and assessments offered by Career Services.
  4. Explore student groups and organizations in your major or area of interests through TexanSync.
  5. Attend study skills sessions for additional assistance with acclimating the first year.
  6. Take advantage of Tutoring and Learning Center services, as well as the assistance offered by the Math Clinic and Writing Center.
  7. Research the marketable skills employers are seeking.
  8. Get involved in Service Day and Tarleton Roundup.
  9. Look into Greek organizations to networking and community building.
  10. Check out part-time jobs available in Handshake to gain work experience for your resume.

For a major specific recommendation, please consult Your Major Action Plan. Your Major Action Plan offers guidance specific to your major and allows you to MAP out university life from the first year through graduation! Action Plans are customized by major, and we encourage you to explore yours to learn more about campus resources, your needed coursework, research and internship opportunities, potential careers and more. Print out a copy of your action plan, check items off as you go, and stay on track to graduate!

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