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Academic Coaching and Mentoring


iSucceed ensures students don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of college life. By signing an iSucceed Student Development Plan, students commit to improving their academic standing and futures by completing regular advising appointments, study skills sessions, coaching sessions and more.

Visit: Thompson Student Center, Room 15

Phone: 254-968-9480


Study Skills Sessions

Student Development and Mentoring offers Study Skills Sessions every Fall and Spring. The 30-minute sessions are held every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and cover topics like self-testing, communication, testing strategies, study skills and more.


Student Success offers academic support through peer mentors and Student Development and Mentoring staff. Peer mentors and academic coaches assist special populations like TSI liable students, TRIO participants and Special Admissions students, as well as those facing other academic challenges.

Visit: Thompson Student Center, Room 15


Call: 254-968-9480

Student Success Calendar