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Winners of the 2016 Student Research Symposium

Group of student researchers holding awards standing next to the research directors and President Dottavio

Check out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the 15th Annual Student Research and Creative Activity Symposium!

This year's 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are:

First Year Research Experience

  1. Mayela Morantes won with her presentation on "Investigating Green Polymer for Treatment of Wastewater." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Rajani Srinivasan.
  2. Julia Wood for her presentation, "Operator Preview Effects in Mental Arithmetic." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Thomas Faulkenberry.
  3. Aser Garcia for his presentation, "Data mining for unknown variable celestial objects from the Tarleton Observatory archived data." His faculty mentor was Dr. Shakaut Goderya.

Creative Activity's Visual Arts

  1. Elizabeth Ross won with her project, "Animation Process." Her faculty mentor was Meghan Ehrhart.
  2. Shelby Culberson for her project, "Rain." Her faculty mentor was Tim Harding.
  3. Meghan Dahlke for her project, "Steady Mending: Contours of Art Therapy." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Chris Ireland.

Creative Activity's Performance Arts

  1. Danielle Montemayor won with her performance, "Brave." Her faculty mentor was Leticia Carr.
  2. Tie: Madison Jordan for her project, "Romance," and Emily Sine for her project, "Rise." They were both mentored by Leticia Carr.

Undergraduate Poster

  1. Kassie Marble won with her poster titled, "Assembling, cleaning, and testing a unique prototype open-ended cylindrical Pennington trap." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Daniel Marble.
  2. Callie Bland for her poster titled, "Low-Frequency EEG Brain Activity During Alterations in the Approach-Avoidance Decision-Making System Due to Chronic Pain." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Amber Harris-Bozer.
  3. Caroline Furrh for her poster titled, "Study of Donnan Equilibrium and Specific Ion Effect on Osmometry Measurements in Synthetic Urine." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Michele McAfee.

Graduate Poster

  1. Tie: Taylor Hutyra with his poster titled, "N-Body Simulation of Binary Star Mass Transfer" and Sarah Shawver with her poster titled, "Variation of Soil Bacterial Communities across a Vegetative Transect of Live Oak and Ashe Juniper." Hutyra's faculty mentor was Dr. Bryant Wyatt while Shawver was mentored by Drs. Donald McGahan and Jeff Brady.
  2. Richard Harvel with his poster titled, "Improving Comprehension of Integer Operations with Virtual Reality." His faculty mentor was Dr. Bryant Wyatt.

Undergraduate Oral

  1. Kelton Mote won with his presentation titled, "Factors influencing nest survival in Mourning Doves in Lower Rio Grande Texas." His faculty mentor was Dr. Heather Mathewson.
  2. Camille Trautman with her presentation, "Serological Survey of Reticuloendotheliosis Virus in Wild Turkeys in Texas." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Dustin Edwards.
  3. Brooke Hughes with her presentation, "Shared Responsibility: Reducing Disparities in Service Outcomes." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Ebony Hall.

Graduate Oral Presentation

  1. Christina Morgan won with her presentation titled, "Thermally mediated variation in Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection in a north central Texas population of Acris blanchardi." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Kristin Herrmann.
  2. Chelsea Matlock with her presentation, "Sub-dermal, 72-MG Slow-Release Melatonin Effects on Mare Estrous Induction." Her faculty mentor was Dr. Kimberly Guay.
  3. Amy Okichich with her presentation, "Acute Toxicity of Gossypol on Northern Bobwhites." Her faculty mentor was Dr. T. Wayne Schwertner.