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Tarleton First-Year Research Experience (FYRE)

What is a First-Year Research Experience?

  • Participate in faculty-mentored research (collecting and analyzing data) which contributes new knowledge to your discipline.
  • Interact, professionally and socially, with your peers interested in research.
  • Connect with a variety of faculty, upperclassmen, and graduate students.
  • Participate in enriching educational opportunities.
  • Commit to 8-10 months (including summer) of dedicated preparation and research.
  • Receive a summer stipend of $2000 and a room and board allowance.

Who can participate?

  • First-year students interested in chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, or other areas at the discretion of the ORI.
  • Students are recruited by faculty in these disciplines.

How long does the program last?

  • Recruitment occurs during the fall semester.
  • Participants attend an orientation and research plan seminars and at least one research seminar during the spring semester and submit a research proposal at the end of the term.
  • Hands-on research occurs during the following summer over an 8-10 week period (~20 hours per week). Participants receive a stipend ($2000) and room and board allowance during this time. 
  • Participants present their results during the following fall semester at the Tarleton Student Research Symposium, with awards given on a competitive basis.

Who are the faculty mentors?

  • Dr. Syed Jafri, Accounting
  • Dr. Shaukat Goderya, Astronomy
  • Dr. Michael Hibbs, Astronomy
  • Dr. Rajani Srinivasan, Chemistry
  • Dr. Kartik Venkataraman, Environmental Engineering
  • Dr. Donald McGahan, Environmental Soil Science
  • Dr. Daniel Marble, Physics
  • Dr. Thomas Faulkenberry, Psychology

Summary of Research Opportunities

How do I apply?

Identify one or more of the faculty listed above and set up an appointment to meet with them. You and your chosen faculty mentor will complete an application and submit it to the ORI. If you have questions about the FYRE program, please contact the ORI staff.