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Staff Council Employee Scholarship

Award amount:

  • $200 per semester (fall/spring only)

To be eligible for a Staff Council Scholarship, you must:

  • Meet the following criteria:
    • Be a Tarleton Staff employee budgeted by name in at least a 50% effort position (positions requiring student status are not eligible)
    • Be in good standing with the University
    • Have an average GPA of 2.0 or better (employees without an established GPA will be eligible)

  • Submit the Employee Scholarship Application to the Scholarship Office (Box T-0670). The deadline for fall is August 1. The deadline for spring is December 1. Each semester requires a new application.
  • The scholarship committee will meet prior to the start of the semester to determine eligibility of the applicants. Awards will be given on a first come first served basis (assuming eligibility requirements are met) until the funds for that semester are depleted. Awards will be made the first week of school.

* If you withdraw before the census date, you will be liable for repayment of the scholarship to the Staff Council.

** The Staff Council requests that scholarship recipients help pay it forward by working one of the graduation ceremonies that semester (does not apply to those graduating). It is typically only an hour of your time. Thanks!