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Staff feedback from Staff Wellness Day 2012

  • Staff Wellness Day was FANTASTIC!   I've been with A&M 16 years and this was the BEST! -Anonymous
  • Had so much fun!  Thank you for the hard work and the great day.  My favorites: massage chairs and yoga.  AND the lunch was fantastic! -Judy Geye
  • I liked going to Chef Damon's session, but I wish he had demonstrations, maybe some handouts and such. -Anonymous
  • This year's Staff Wellness Day was AWESOME!!! Hopefully, next year there will be  more vendors participating.  Thanks for all your hard work. - Anonymous
  • The Staff Wellness day was the best so far. I loved the chair massage, Yoga, and Mary Kay makeover. Lunch was very good and I appreciate all the hard work! I would love to include more sessions about how to prepare quick healthy meals and maybe even invite the Organic Gardening Club to have a session next year. Thanks for all you do! - Anonymous
  • Thank you for a great  day! I loved the “Wellness” theme and the workshops were great!  Thank you for the wonderful and healthy snacks and meal too. -Christie Ray
  • Staff Wellness Day was great! I learned a lot and it was nice to get all stretched out with yoga and have a delicious meal. I was looking over the wellness site this morning and saw that a lot of the tips we were given yesterday are in the "one minute to a healthier you" article. Awesome Day!! - Anonymous
  • Yea, Staff Council. I thought the day was wonderful: the sessions were interesting/beneficial and the food was great. Excellent job!!! -Cathy W.
  • You can invite those massage people back anytime – definitely a good idea :)  Thanks, Elaine Chew
  • Staff Wellness day was wonderfully fun and relaxing. The best one yet. Thank you all so much. -Christy Price
  • GREAT JOB on staff wellness day!! I LOVED the massages; what a treat! The door prizes at the last session were great; thank you staff council for working so hard to get such good stuff! One possibility if you do something next year would be to spread those out at other sessions; not everyone who participated in the day could come to the last session, and that's where all the best stuff was. Thanks for feeding us - the lunch and snacks were yummy. I liked the idea of the Fun Fair, but in all fairness, it was basically a handful of people trying to push their products. If it was more like the Christmas crafts show (if the people there are going to sale stuff) that would be more fun than people selling supplements. Or if you have those types of vendors, include some that do makeup, jewelry, etc. too. That could raise more money for y'all and give us more to 'shop" from. Also, I didn't get to check out the hypnotist because I don't smoke, but maybe having someone do hypnosis for stress or  something would be fun, and appeal to a bigger group (maybe even one session of each)? Overall, it was great! -Anonymous

General kudos and praise that was submitted to the Staff Council comments form during the 2011-2012 fiscal year:

  • Just wanted to give credit to everyone who helped out at the 2011 Holiday Showcase on Dec. 2.  We had a tremendous event that could not have happened without BJ Simmons, Daphne Hunt, Nona Williamson, Kay Wiley, Kenneth Groene, Carol Murphy, Gary Stout, Tonya Dobson and Jason Jacks. If I forgot you, I sincerely apologize. Thank you everyone. -Susan Gordon
  • Amanda Sims is a very big help to others.  She tries to make others jobs easier.  She is good to work with.
  • Nona Williamson is a very big help to me and such a nice person.  I appreciate her.
  • Ms. Nelda Moore - what a trooper!  Love her!
  • Regardless of what opinions are out there...You folks are trying...I appreciate all your efforts!
  • I appreciate all that Staff Council does on our behalf! Thank you!