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Staff Council Members

Elected members of the Staff Council shall be full-time staff below the level of Vice President. Each occupational category, as defined by Employee Services, shall elect one representative for every 20 employees (excluding academic department heads). To be elected, a staff member must have a minimum of one-year full-time continuous employment at Tarleton during the 12-month period immediately preceding the election. An individual may not serve two successive full terms of office.

Officers 2019-2020
Office Name Department EEOC Phone
President Ashley Ayers Information Technology 3 9395
President-Elect Clayton Gillespie Research & Innovation 3 1815
Secretary  Cory McCray  College of Liberal & Fine Arts 3  9141
Treasurer  Joni Holdridge  COBA Dean's Office 3  1948
Past President Tracy Holtman University Libraries 3 9466
2019-2020 Members
Name EEO Department Title Phone
Ashley Ayers 3 Information Technology Services ITS Operations Coordinator 254-968-9395
Isaac Belcher 3 Center for Instructional Innovation Technology Support specialist 254-968-1869
Waylon Boyd 3 Midlothian Outreach Outreach Specialist 972-755-7246
Teresa Burdick 3 Employee Services Student Employment Coordinator 254-968-9529
Kortney Davis 4 Library Administrative Associate IV 254-968-9246
Clinton Dennard 3 Waco Campus Advisor and Program Manager 254-299-8796
Adrianne Fails 4 Dean of Students Administrative Office Administrative Assistant V 254-968-9080
Callie Fender 3 Development Development Officer for Academic Colleges 254-968-9971
Laurie Garner 3 Career Services - Fort Worth Career Development Coordinator 817-717-3330
Clayton Gillespie 3 Office of Research & Innovation Compliance Coordinator 254-968-1815
Susan Gordon 3 College of Health Sciences & Human Services Budget Specialist II 254-968-1652
Chris Grantham 3 Library Coordinator of Library Technology Services 254-968-9030
Jennifer Hawthorne 3 Development Director of Development 254-968-1756
Milam Hefner 3 Academic Affairs - Office of the Provost Manager of Academic Budgets & Faculty Records 254-968-9860
Alisa Hernandez 4 Facilities and Events Assistant Director 254-968-9383
Joni Holdridge 3 COBA Dean's Office Budget Specialist 254-968-1948
Tracy Holtman 3 Library Associate Director of Resource Management & Discovery 254-968-9466
Susan Keith 4 AGCS Department Administrative Assistant 254-968-9200
Jo Ann Kern 1 Information Technology Services Director of Project Management 254-968-1619
Donna Kirklen   SSC (ex-officio member) SSC Human Resources 254-968-9065
Cori McCray COLFA Dean's Office Administration Coordinator 254-968-9141
Rachel Miller 3 School of Nursing - Pre-Licensure Program Specialist 254-968-0534
Courtnie Ridgway 3 Marketing and Communications Digital Media Strategist 254-968-9076
Teresa Sanders 4 Department of Counseling Administrative Assistant 254-968-1687
Cory Shaw 1 Information Technology Services Manager of Server Support 254-968-9601
Katie Smith 5 Undergraduate Admissions - Transfer Services Transcript Analyst 254-968-9406
Mekka Steinruck 3 Risk Management & Compliance Title IX Investigator 254-968-9255
Emily VanKirk 3 Office of Diversity, Inclusion, International Programs Student Development Specialist 254-968-1601
Gene Zorn 1 Business Services Directory of Financial Services 254-968-9109