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Title IV-E Child Welfare Project

What is the Title IV-E Project?

The Department of Social Work and Communication Disorders of Tarleton State University is honored to have a training contract for qualified BSW and MSW students desiring a career in Child Protective Services. The funding for this contract is provided through Title IV-E of the Social Security Act.

Coursework and internships prepare students for leadership and work in permanency planning and family preservation with children and their families in child welfare. Many of these families are experiencing challenges and obstacles to functioning adequately because of maltreatment, substance abuse, serious medical conditions, socioeconomic status, and other factors.

This project offers students an opportunity to receive individualized, specialized training in child welfare, including placement in a supervised, intensive field practicum setting in Regions 2, 7, and 9 of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. In exchange for the stipend (which can be received for up to four semesters), the Title IV-E stipend recipient, upon graduation, is required to fulfill an employment contract for a specified period of time with Child Protective Services in Region 2, 7, or 9.

What would I do as a social worker at CPS?

After intensive training, child welfare social workers work with children and their families, courts, police, medical institutions, and schools. Guided by public child welfare and family policy, these social workers perform an array of tasks within complex family situations, including:

  • Performing risk assessments to determine child well-being and safety
  • Preparing and documenting case records, including court documents and testifying
  • Conducting services within a case management process
  • Initiating referrals for clients to appropriate resources
  • Organizing communities to create healthier environments for children
  • Planning and advocating for effective child welfare policies and programs

Is Child Welfare a Good Career Choice for Me?

Choosing a career in child welfare requires that you are willing to:

  • Study and learn a challenging and complex body of knowledge about children, families, social systems, and public policy;
  • Be sensitive to different cultures and ideas;
  • Practice social work values and ethics;
  • Be passionate about creating a positive difference in the lives of children and families.

Choose a Career in Child Welfare

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Project is a federally funded workforce development initiative to reintegrate the social work profession into child welfare by offering stipends to students interested in working within the child welfare system. The purpose of the program is to train professional social work practitioners for child welfare work.

After graduation, the BSW degree graduate will work in Child Protective Services (CPS) with an estimated starting salary of over $40,000 plus exceptional benefits.

Contact Information:

Ms. Amy James

Title IV-E Director and Instructor

(254) 968-1644

How do I apply?

Interested BSW and MSW students must meet all requirements for admission to the BSW or MSW social work program and must submit:

  1. A completed Title IV-E project application. Please email Title IV-E Director, Amy James, at for an application. 
  2. A personal resume reflecting education, volunteer experience, and work experience
  3. A two- to three-page essay describing the applicant’s interest in and commitment to public child welfare work

Project Requirements

Applicants must be admitted to the Social Work Program and be in good standing. Course work includes all required social work courses, as well as SOCW 4311: Child Welfare and SOCW 3377: Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

MSW applicants should discuss the stipend program with their advisor.

Additional requirements involve satisfactory completion of an interview with Child Protective Services and taking the STARK screening test.

The Field Practicum will be located in either Region 2, Region 7, or Region 9 of the Texas Department of Protective Services.

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