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Political Science Program Overview

The Political Science program of the Department of Social Sciences at Tarleton State University offers both a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in three different subject areas, as well as the B.S. degree for teacher certification in Social Studies. The subject areas include:

  • American Politics
  • Legal Studies
  • Comparative Politics/International Relations

The degrees and activities of our Political Science program offer students the opportunity to engage in current political and policy issues in a knowledgeable way and provide the skills to interact with national, regional and global challenges. Our program also offers many opportunities to experience the places, people and issues related to politics and government while preparing for a wide range of career options.

The strength of this program is evident in the quality students and faculty. From scholarly publications with major presses to excellence in the classroom, our faculty offer a wide range of specializations, quality instruction, and mentoring in research. Students have opportunities to engage in many activities from research and presentations related to courses, study abroad and away programs, campus student organizations, internships, and much more. Some of these opportunities are highlighted below, and we welcome you to contact our department or one of the faculty listed for more information.


Political Science Faculty
Name Education Expertise Office Phone
Cogley, Dr. Nathaniel Ph.D., Yale University African Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations O.A. Grant Building, Room 349 254-968-9631
Cross, Dr. Malcolm L. Ph.D., University of Missouri Presidency, Legislature, Elections and Political Science O.A. Grant Building, Room 357 254-968-9621
Egelston, Dr. Anne Ph.D., Rutgers University Global Affairs, Environmental Politics, and Texas Government O.A. Grant Building, Room 342 254-968-1699
Margolis, Dr. Lawrence S. Ph.D., University of Michigan Comparative Politics O.A. Grant Building, Room 363 254-968-9628
Morrow, Dr. Eric V. Ph.D., Baylor University Religion and Politics, U.S. Public Policy and Texas Government O.A. Grant Building, Room 355 254-968-9626
Newton, Dr. Benjamin Ph.D., University of Maryland Legal Studies, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and Political Philosophy. View Dr. Newton's Website O.A. Grant Building, Room 390 254-968-0599
Pickett, Ms. Melodie M.A., Texas Woman's University American Politics, Federalism, Civil Liberties and Voting Rights O.A. Grant Building, Room 372 254-968-1826
Thompson, Mr. Casey M.A., American Public University, J.D. Wesleyan American Government and Texas Government O.A. Grant Building, Room 341 254-968-1698
Velasco, Dr. Jesus G. Ph.D., University of Texas Latin American Politics, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Views of the US O.A. Grant Building, Room 365 254-968-9627
Political Science Adjunct Faculty
Name Education Office Phone
Navarro, Mr. Omero M.A., University of Texas at Dallas O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Tollett, Ms. Amanda M.A., Tarleton State University O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Jasieniecki, Ms. Carol M.A., University of Texas at Arlington O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Fleet. Ms. Araceli M.A., University of Texas (El Paso) Davis Hall, Room 216 254-968-1749