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Philosophy & Religious Studies Program Overview

Studying Philosophy means participating in the traditions of inquiry concerned with fundamental questions about the world, our knowledge of the world, and how we should live. More colloquially, philosophers think hard about matters that matter.

In addition to the goods inherent to practicing philosophy, philosophy can also boost your skills in related disciplines, such as math and English.

At Tarleton, philosophy courses can satisfy the Language, Philosophy, and Culture and Social and Behavioral Sciences components of the core curriculum. Philosophy courses are also key parts of other majors, such as political science, communications, and psychology. A minor in philosophy could be a fruitful complement to almost any major.

Philosophy Full-Time Faculty
Name Education Expertise Office Phone
Aho, Dr. Karl Ph.D., Baylor University Ethics, History of Philosophy, Kierkegaard O.A. Grant Building, Room 339 254-968-9022
Clifford, Dr. Craig E. Ph.D., SUNY - Buffalo Ancient Philosophy, 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Sport Honors Hall, Room 1243 254-968-1887
Hallgarth, Dr. Matthew Ph.D., University of Florida O.A. Grant Building, Room 359 254-968-9029
Department of Social Sciences - Philosophy Adjunct Faculty
Name Education Office Phone
Newman, Mr. Micah M.A., University of Connecticut O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Snyder, Mr. Gregory M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
McAllister, Mr. Derek M.A., University of Arkansas O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021