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History Program Overview

Student Spotlight

I became a history major because no matter what field I enter after my time here at Tarleton State, my employer will expect me to be able to read at a high level, write formal and informal presentations, and be knowledgeable about the subject. I really believe being a history major teaches you how to do all three things.
Matthew Killingsworth, Current History Student

The History program of the Department of Social Sciences at Tarleton State University offers both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees through courses with a variety of topics taught by exceptional faculty. The undergraduate and graduate degree paths provide students with exciting opportunities to explore how historians investigate, analyze, and write about history. The focus is on critical thinking and writing, as history is about solving problems, investigating mysteries, and writing clearly and persuasively. The skills gained in these programs can be applied in nearly any career. You can learn more about the History B.A. and M.A. programs checking out our degree pages.

The strength of this program is evident in the quality students and faculty. From scholarly publications with major presses to excellence in the classroom, our faculty offer a wide range of specializations, quality instruction, and mentoring in research, conference presentations, and graduate work. Students have opportunities to engage in many activities from research and presentations related to courses, study abroad and away programs, campus student organizations, internships, area opportunities in local and public history, and much more. We welcome you to contact our department or one of the faculty listed below for more information.


Department of Social Sciences - History Full-Time Faculty
Name Education Expertise Office Phone
Branscombe, Dr. Jensen Ph.D., Texas Christian University Modern U.S. History, Immigration history, Borderlands O.A. Grant Building, Room 389 254-968-0596
Cannon, Dr. Tina Ph.D., Texas Christian University Texas History O.A. Grant Building, Room 344 254-968-9625
Cruz, Dr. Richard A. Ph.D., University of North Texas European Intellectual and Cultural History O.A. Grant Building, Room 366 254-968-9625
Fitch, Dr. Mattie Ph.D., Yale University Modern European History; French Cultural and Political History; War and Society O.A. Grant Building, Room 358 254-968-9630
Funiciello, Dr. Patrick Ph.D. (ABD), George Washington University Latin American History O.A. Grant Building, Room 346 254-968-9086
Hickman, Dr. Christopher Ph.D., George Washington University American foreign relations, U.S. Constitutional History, historiography, the American Revolution, American History survey and the history of America since 1789 O.A. Grant Building, Room 361 254-968-9629
Landis, Dr. Michael Ph.D., George Washington University 19th Century U.S. History, Antebellum and Civil War Eras, slavery. View Dr. Landis' website. O.A. Grant Building, Room 345 254-968-9027
Roberts, Mr. Ted M.A., Tarleton State University Military History and Asymmetric Warfare O.A. Grant Building, Room 378 254-968-9077
Schmelzer, Dr. Janet L. Ph.D., Texas Christian University Great Britain, Colonial U.S., 20th Century U.S., Texas History, History of the South, Women’s studies O.A. Grant Building, Room 343 254-968-9918
Department of Social Sciences - History Adjunct Faculty
Name Education Office Phone
Boyer, Mr. Andrew M.A., Tarleton State University O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Stoker, Dr. Patrick M.A., Webster University & American Military University Dick Smith Library, Faculty Commons Offices 254-968-9293
Wallace, Mr. Joshua M.A., University of Alabama Dick Smith Library 254-968-9455
Loyd, Ms. Michelle M.A., Tarleton State University O.A. Grant Building, Room 304 254-968-9830
Landis, Ms. Whitney M.A., The George Washington University O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Murphy, Dr. Justin Ph.D., Texas Christian University O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Thompson, Mr. Tyler M.A., University of Texas San Antonio O.A. Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021