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Geography & GIS Program Overview

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer system for recording, storing, analyzing and displaying spatial/geographic data. GIS shows a myriad of different data on one map by overlaying millions of data points to help form analysis and perform spatial statistics. 

Today GIS is used in every sector of the economy, from agricultural production, to manufacturing, to urban planning, to retail location, to gathering census data, to space exploration. 

Geography is interactive, stimulating and fun. It is a major in learning about the world and solving contemporary world problems through sophisticated and powerful GIS software. 

Geography Faculty
Name Title Office Phone
Lemmons, Dr. Kelly Assistant Professor O.A. Grant Building, Room 241 254-968-9141
Ms. Yolanda Tsang Visiting Instructor O.A Grant Building, Room 371 254-968-9021
Zubair, Dr. Opeyemi Assistant Professor O.A. Grant Building, Room 360 254-968-9029