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Student Government Association has a unicameral legislative branch that includes representatives from various colleges and organizations all across campus. Congresspersons directly impact the students of Tarleton State University by writing resolutions based off of questions, comments or concerns that have been brought forth.

Congress meets every Wednesday in Business 178 at 5:15 PM. Meetings are open to anyone and everyone and students, faculty and staff are always welcome!

College of Science and Technology Congresspersons

Cesar Robledo

College of Liberal and Fine Arts Congresspersons

Brooke McCrory

Kristen Clay

Kassidy Camareno

College of Business Congresspersons

Laura Dobson

Myles Taylor

Josiah Mendoza

College of Education Congresspersons

Allison Ray

Emily Love

Athena Orsa

College of Agricultural and Environmental Science Congresspersons

Cahlen Cheatham

Kenna Ferguson

College of Health Sciences and Human Services Congresspersons

Morgan Lamance

Jade Smith

Marco Salazar

College of Graduate Studies Congresspersons

Wacey Newman

Peyton Thomas

Emily Mallernee

Multicultural Student Organizations Congresspersons

Yazan Adel

National Panhellenic Conference Congressperson

Tabitha Bondurant

InterGreek Council Congressperson

Haliegh Russell

InterFraternity Council Congressperson

Carter Prichard

Corps of Cadets Congressperson

Ryan Thomas

On-Campus Congresspersons

George Reisinger

Kyle Hernandez

Commuter Congresspersons

Robert Dunn

Joseph Seaman

At-Large Congresspersons

Katelynn Gotcher

Devin Hughes

Cameron Ellner

Veterans Association Congressperson

Alex Lang

Athletics Congresspersons

Skyler Sandusky

Julia Wernet

Outreach Campus-Fort Worth


Outreach Campus-Waco

Lizbeth Duarte

Outreach Campus-Midlothian


Spirit Organization Congressperson

Desirae Garcia