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The Center for Transformative Learning

Female TREAT volunteer helping young man ride a horse.
"It's really refreshing to be able to help those in need. I am proud to go to a university that would donate a whole day to service."
Samantha Olinger, Current Student

The Center for Transformative Learning serves as the host for many activities and partnerships between the University and our surrounding communities including:

These collaborative partnerships allow knowledge and resources to be combined to encourage learning, service and research that go beyond the walls of Tarleton State University. As an engaged institution, we hope to enrich our core activities of research, teaching and service by forging partnerships to meet the professional development and societal needs of our communities and beyond.


Purple Poo holding sign promoting service day.

We desire to truly embed the core value of service not only into the curriculum but also into the lives of every Tarleton student.

The Center for Transformative Learning’s mission is to improve scholarly engagement through a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources between the University and public and private sectors alike. This mission allows us to enrich learning opportunities for faculty, students and the communities involved.


  • Identify community needs and pressing social issues.
  • Establish and nurture community partnerships to effectively respond to societal needs.
  • Seek opportunities to fund faculty research and engagement initiatives benefiting the community.
  • Develop faculty professional development activities related to community engagement.
  • Foster scholarly activity for an innovative research project focused on community engagement and the inclusion of student researchers.
  • Match curricular interests with community needs.