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Enrollment Management in Action

Strategic Enrollment Management Executive Council [SEMEC]

The Executive Council is responsible for policy oversight, evaluation, assessment, planning, and advising on strategies, goals and objectives related to the university's Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.  The Executive Council's work focuses on research, analysis, marketing, recruitment, and retention. There are four functional teams with broad representation of the campus community who focus on the areas of marketing, recruitment, student success/retention, and program mix.  Two or more members of SEMEC serve on each functional team with one member designated as the chair of the committee.  Inclusion Of All University Offices and personnel in the pursuit of the university's enrollment management goals is Top priority for SEMEC.  The Executive Council was appointed by the President and reports to the President.

Strategic Enrollment Management Executive Council

Dr. David Weissenburger, Chair, Enrollment Management

Dr. Jennifer Edwards, Academic Affairs

Ms. Becky Gray, Information Technology Services

Dr. Mike Haynes, Institutional Research and Effectiveness (ex-officio)

Ms. Janice Horak, Marketing and Communications

Mr. Rusty Jergins, Student Life

Dr. Linda Jones, College of Graduate Studies

Dr. Marilyn Robitaille, International Programs

Dr. Kimberly Rynearson, Academic Affairs

Dr. Mark Shipman, Faculty Senate

Dr. Diane Taylor, Academic Affairs