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Enrollment Management in Action

Charting Tarleton's Future

Tarleton has a very simple and pure history when it comes to how students make their way to our gates..."they are always open." Access to quality education has always been Tarleton's driving force in the area of enrollment. As a result, Tarleton has provided unique opportunities to families of first generation graduates for over 109 years. Like those historical gates, Tarleton must remain open to new ideas and opportunities in an effort to continue providing a unique experience to our students.

A very natural part of Tarleton is the family atmosphere that is apparent at first glance. Where the challenge comes is first building that relationship with a rapidly increasing prospect pool and then consistently nourishing it during a student's time here at Tarleton. Therefore, our first step in implementing a student-focused strategic enrollment management plan at Tarleton is to move from "enrollment by chance" to "enrollment by design." We must put in place opportunities to create interactions throughout the student lifecycle that help us to build personal relationships with our students with greater customization and respect to individuality.

What is your role in Charting Tarleton's future?

Every faculty member and every staff member must work toward the common goal of recruiting and retaining Tarleton students to ensure Tarleton's viability in the future. The Strategic Enrollment Management Executive Council (SEMEC) was created as the voice of the institution in providing vision and leadership during these uncertain times in higher education. President Dottavio strongly encourages each Tarleton family member to participate in this process of putting vision into action when it comes to recruiting and retaining students.

SEMEC seeks to outline a student-focused strategic enrollment management plan to sustain institutional growth and student success by outlining the following four components to be embraced by all:

  • Providing student-focused strategic enrollment management emphasis on "Enrollment by Design" for new freshmen, transfers and graduate students with a strong emphasis on inclusion and engagement.
  • Providing a seamless, holistic student experience by dissolving division and departmental boundaries related to organizational structure
  • Providing an integrated information system with relevant and timely communication to better serve our students
  • Providing a learning environment that focuses on student success inside and outside of the classroom

We strongly encourage the campus community to reach out to any of the members of the SEMEC committee. Whether it is to share an observation, or a suggestion, or a recommendation, we want to hear your ideas!