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What is TSI Advising?

To support your goal of meeting TSI requirements, we offer you one-to-one advising session to cover TSI information and offer you the opportunity to discuss scenarios specifically relevant to your unique circumstances. Students who are working toward meeting TSI requirements are required to participate in TSI advising each semester, prior to registration. A TSI advisor will provide you with up-to-date TSI information in a timely manner. The TSI policies and procedures discussed in your advising session include:

  • Up-to-date information about taking the TSI Assessment, which is administered by Tarleton Testing Services
  • Up-to-date information about benchmarks (passing scores) for each section of the TSI Assessment
  • Course restrictions based on TSI requirements not met, including the advanced coursework restriction
  • Continuous enrollment in developmental education
  • Potential changes in TSI standing based on academic performance in developmental education


Partnering for Your Success

As with any academic support, a key element in your success is your active participation and engagement. In order for you to have the best TSI advising experience possible, we expect that you will:

  • Meet with a TSI advisor at least one time each semester (until all TSI requirements have been met)
  • Keep scheduled appointments and arrive at least 10 minutes early
  • Accept responsibility for your choices, decisions, and the resulting consequences
  • Become personally responsible for being knowledgeable of and following Tarleton academic policies and procedures
  • Become personally responsible for being knowledgeable of and following TSI policies and procedures
  • Communicate questions and concerns with a TSI advisor
  • Actively engage and participate in your TSI advising session

Equally as important, you can expect your TSI advisor to:

  • Treat you respectfully and maintain confidentiality
  • Be adequately accessible via email, advising hours, and scheduled appointments
  • Understand and effectively communicate Tarleton policies and procedures
  • Understand and effectively communicate TSI policies and procedures
  • Encourage and guide you as you gain the skills to develop clear and attainable educational plans
  • Help you monitor your progress toward meeting your TSI goals
  • Provide you information and strategies for utilizing university resources and services

TSI Advising Tips

TSI Assessment

The TSI Assessment is administered by Tarleton’s Testing Center. Students should only test in the TSI areas they have not met. The TSI Pre-Assessment Activity must be completed prior to taking the test.

TSI Scores

TSI scores should be submitted to Undergraduate Admissions. You are encouraged to notify a TSI advisor each time you submit a new score report. This will ensure that your most recent academic records are being reviewed by Student Development and Mentoring and that you are provided with a TSI update in a timely manner.

TSI Advising Hold

The purpose of the TSI hold is twofold. First, it ensures that students enrolled in developmental educational do not drop the required courses. Second, it ensures that students meet with a TSI advisor before registering. Upon completion of TSI advising, the hold will be temporarily lifted to allow for registration. Arrangements must be made with a TSI advisor to temporarily lift the hold for the purposes of dropping a non-required course or requesting a transcript.

TSI Advising Session Attendance

Session attendance is mandatory. You are encouraged to complete TSI advising early in the semester. Attending a TSI advising session is an important step in preparing for registration. Doing so in a timely manner will allow you to partner with a TSI advisor to identify future developmental education needs.


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