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iSucceed Program

For undergraduate students with an approved academic suspension appeal, the iSucceed Program is an academic intervention that offers you an opportunity to reflect upon your success, develop new learning strategies and craft new academic habits that enhance your success at Tarleton. With your iSucceed coach guiding you along the way, you’ll come to develop intellectual growth, clarify your personal goals and develop the skills to track your own academic progress. With your iSucceed coach, you will work to...

  • Develop an academic success plan to improve your academic GPA and maintain good academic standing.
  • Identify current and/or past factors that have contributed to your current academic standing.
  • Identify barriers you have faced, and identify opportunities that will lead to academic success.
  • Explore yourself, use a self-reflection exercise, "what are your core values," to identify your core values in life.
  • Create and identify short & long term goals which will enable the student to remain both focused and encouraged.

Partnering for Your Success

As with any academic support, a key element in your success is your active participation and engagement. In order for you to have the best iSucceed experience possible, we expect that you will:

  • We expect you to visit with your iSucceed Coach a minimum of three (3) times throughout the semester.
  • We expect you to keep scheduled appointments and arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  • We expect you to accept responsibility for your choices, decisions and the resulting consequences.
  • We expect you to become personally responsible for your academic standing.
  • We expect you to identify challenges and work with your iSucceed Coach to formulate plans to reach effective solutions
  • We expect you to be prepared for each session with questions, materials and degree plan/roadmap and Academic Success Plan.
  • We expect you to actively engage and participate during each session.

Equally as important, you can expect your iSucceed Coach to:

  • We will treat you respectfully and maintain confidentiality.
  • We will be adequately accessible via email, office hours, and scheduled appointments.
  • We will understand and effectively communicate University policies and procedures.
  • We will help you develop your academic success plan.
  • We will encourage and guide you as you gain the skills to develop clear and attainable education plans.
  • We will help you monitor your progress toward meeting your goals.
  • We will provide you will information about and strategies for using University resources and services.
  • We will offer you degree applicable course recommendations.

iSucceed Program Tips

Sesssion Attendance

Session attendance is mandatory. You're encouraged to schedule and complete all meetings.

Bring Proper Documents

Because the iSucceed program uses the Academic Success Plan as a guide during the program sessions, it is essential at each attendance with your coach.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

If you are working towards Texas College Readiness Standards, you are required to meet with a TSI advisor during the current term.

Student Development and Mentoring Calendar