Prof co-authors book chapter on fathering

Parenting Across Cultures

Tarleton State University

Friday, January 17, 2014

STEPHENVILLE, Texas—Tarleton professor of sociology Dr. Leslie Stanley-Stevens has co-authored a book chapter reviewing the development and current status of fathering research worldwide with a focus on the cultural context of fatherhood.

The chapter, titled “Men as fathers, fathering, and fatherhood across and within cultures,” appears in Parenting across cultures: Childrearing, motherhood and fatherhood in non-Western cultures, edited by Helaine Selin.

“Originally, parenting research focused on mothers, and when fathers were studied they typically were white, North American and middle-class,” Stanley-Stevens said. “Currently evidence is available from cultures in every continent but the coverage within and between nations varies widely. It’s hard to compare fathers cross culturally but when it’s possible they often challenge previous assumptions made in Western cultures.

“Approaches to fathering vary widely from those whose primary concern is with being a disciplinarian and provider to those focusing on nurturing childcare, with many possible types and combinations in between,” she said.

But, Stanley-Stevens added, “almost all research on fathers across cultures since 1990 suggests some change in the direction of greater involvement by fathers. Cultures with more involved fathers tend to be more peaceful and have more gender equality.”


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