Tarleton forms partnership with Latino police association

Tarleton State University

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

STEPHENVILLE, Texas—Tarleton and the Greater Dallas Chapter of the National Latino Police Officers Association (NLPOA) have signed an agreement to provide up to 33 hours of course credit through the university’s criminal justice program, making it easier for law enforcement officers to advance their education and receive a bachelor of applied arts and sciences degree in criminal justice administration.

The partnership with NLPOA, which was formalized on Monday, Aug. 20, is in addition to other agreements Tarleton currently has with the Fort Worth Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

“This partnership will provide up to 33 credits for 1,000 hours of training from a recognized law enforcement agency, including federal agent academies and the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education,” said Dr. James Vardalis, associate professor and head of the Department of Criminal Justice. “There were several universities attempting to partner with the Greater Dallas Chapter of NLPOA, and Tarleton was selected based on our alignment with the association’s needs and expectations.”

Tarleton’s criminal justice program is “proud and pleased to add the NLPOA to the growing list of partners,” added Vardalis. “My meetings with the leadership of NLPOA clearly showed that the Latino law enforcement community has an understanding of the value of education and a commitment to learn.”

Tarleton’s criminal justice programs are designed for the student who is ready and committed to enhance opportunities through education, and offers face-to-face classes in Stephenville, Fort Worth and Waco, as well as online.

“The NLPOA realizes how important education is, and it also realizes that sometimes life gets in the way of educational goals,” said Robert Arredondo, vice president of the Dallas chapter. “Our chapter has sought a partnership with Tarleton State University in order to give our members the opportunity needed to better themselves through higher education. Tarleton understands the hardships that result in law enforcement professionals setting their education aside and have developed this program specifically for the working law enforcement officer.”

For more information about the criminal justice program at Tarleton, visit www.tarleton.edu/criminaljustice/.


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