Abu Dhabi police officials praise criminal justice partnership with TSU

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

STEPHENVILLE, Texas—Dr. James Vardalis, associate professor of criminal justice at Tarleton State University, traveled to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, last week to hold talks with Col. Saif Ali Alketbi, director general of the nation’s Police College, and to lecture cadets on global perspectives of policing.

Vardalis was also presented with a plaque of appreciation for his work with the Abu Dhabi Police Department. Currently, Tarleton has 15 graduate students from Abu Dhabi who are pursuing master’s degrees through the university’s criminal justice degree program at the Southwest Metroplex Center in Fort Worth.

In addition to their coursework, the students, who are full-time Abu Dhabi police officers, have benefited from interaction with the Fort Worth Police Department in areas such as criminal prevention techniques. The students have also been exposed to the court system, domestic abuse centers, juvenile facilities, victims’ centers and police training facilities.

In talks with Vardalis, Col. Alketbi presented several ideas and offered additional opportunities to expand the current partnership with Tarleton and its criminal justice program.

“Topics of discussion included returning next summer for a series of lectures and the creation of an international police studies center here at Tarleton,” said Vardalis, adding the university is the first in the U.S. to represent criminal justice studies and form an international partnership in the field. “The hospitality expressed by the senior police officials clearly indicated that they seek a strong relationship with Tarleton. The global perspective regarding policing cannot be ignored, and Tarleton appears to be leading the way.”

In addition to his visit to the city’s police department, Vardalis had the opportunity to lecture a class of cadets on the value of a global perspective on policing. Students of the academy provided insight into the common problems within both countries regarding their respective criminal justice systems, said Vardalis, and were eager to learn more about the U.S. system and policies related to policing.


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