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Minckler begins work as VP for finance
Tye Minckler Mr. Tye V. Minckler

Tarleton State University


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

STEPHENVILLE, Texas—Tye V. Minckler assumed his duties as Tarleton’s new vice president for finance and administration/chief financial officer on Aug. 6.

“Mr. Minckler brings years of higher education and private business experience to Tarleton,” said President F. Dominic Dottavio. “He is committed to serving faculty, staff and students in a collegial, collaborative and personable way. I have been impressed by his knowledge of Tarleton’s history, programs and people and his enthusiastic support of our vision, values and strategic goals.”

Minckler previously served as vice president of operations at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and was director of facilities development and management at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine from 2000-2007. He also was the chief financial officer at two companies, one of which was a software services start-up he cofounded.

He is a certified management accountant, and holds a master of business administration degree in finance from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology, also from the University of Washington.

His new position at Tarleton “is an honor and a privilege,” Minckler said. “That is a cliché, but this is a very visible leadership position for the university and the community, and I will have the privilege and responsibility of serving faculty, students and staff to help them succeed any way I can. That is a huge responsibility and I am absolutely committed to serving with distinction.

“I am also excited to have the privilege of working with Dr. Dottavio and his cabinet, all of whom have impressed me with their gracious leadership style and their absolute commitment to Tarleton,” Minckler added.

Minckler’s wife, Katherine, is a certified public accountant and has a master’s degree in tax law. She plans to pursue employment in the area. They have two daughters.


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Tye Minckler

Mr. Tye V. Minckler