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Students to receive $5 printing allowance each semester

Tarleton State University

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

STEPHENVILLE, Texas—Tarleton State University’s Executive Cabinet has approved a revised recommendation regarding the student printing policy, which will now provide each student with a $5 printing allowance each semester.

The new printing policy, set to take effect June 1, 2012, was approved by the Executive Cabinet after a recommendation from the Student Printing Initiative Committee. It allows for each Tarleton student to receive a $5 allowance at the start of each semester, fall, spring and summer.

The $5 allowance will be credited to each student. Any unused printing allowance will not roll over from semester to semester. There are no refunds for unused portions of the $5 allowance, and if additional printing is needed students may add funds to their Texan Card account.

The Executive Cabinet’s revised policy states that allocations of printing credit will not be created for mini-mesters and other derivatives of the fall, spring and summer semesters. However, remaining balances will be available during each interim until the start of the next long or summer semester.

Revisions to the student printing policy that was originally proposed in January 2012, were based on the committee’s conversations during the spring semester as well as from Student Government Association (SGA) feedback.

The major factor driving the university’s decision to implement a student printing fee was the amount of waste that computer labs and the Dick Smith Library have experienced on a daily basis, as well as increased costs for printing, paper and toner. The printing policy also ties in with the university’s initiative to “Live Green, Breathe Purple.”

As part of the recommendation, the university has outlined goals for the print initiative, including efforts to manage print-related costs more effectively, to reduce waste, and encourage more environmentally responsible printing practices at Tarleton. Following its implementation, university staff has reported a significant shift in students’ approach to printing since testing the new print initiative in March.

“We’ve already realized a substantial reduction in paper waste and a decrease in the collection of recyclable materials,” said Donna Savage, university librarian and member of the committee formed to address the issue of printing on campus. “With the decrease in wasted paper, we have also experienced a subsequent reduction in toner use. In terms of personal accountability, our students are changing their habits and choosing to print double-sided pages.”

All computer workstations in the Dick Smith Library,open access labs located at Stephenville, instructional computer labslocated at Hickman, Schaeffer and Stephenville, and Texan Hall at Hickman will require charging for printing. Costs for printing on university network printers, effective June 1, 2012, are as follows:

Simplex Printing (one-sided): 5 cents per sheet

Duplex Printing (two-sided): 8 cents per sheet

Color Printing (one-sided): 15 cents per sheet

Color Printing (two-sided): 18 cents per sheet

For more information about the new student printing fee, please visit Additional information about the Texan Card and how to add funds to the university issued ID card can be found at


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