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Location: WISDOM GYM Room 132
Phone: 254-968-9186
Fax: 254-968-9831
Box: T-0370

Faculty and Staff Listings
Name Title Email Phone
Simpson,  Dr. Steve Department Head 254-968-9756
Blevins-McNaughton,  Jennifer Associate Professor 254-968-9177
Bowers,  Sharon Assistant Professor 254-968-0589
Carr,  Leticia Instructor and Director 254-968-9258
Dorrel,  Dr. Bryan Assistant Professor 254-918-7673
Gillespie,  Joe Professor 254-968-1933
Lancaster,  Jennifer Assistant Professor 254-968-9377
Laurent,  Dr. Matt Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of Exercise Science 254-918-7674
Martin,  Chet Associate Professor 254-968-9346
McKay,  Amy Assistant Professor 254-968-1811
Nelson,  Stephanie Instructor & Coordinator 254-968-0796
Priest,  Dr. Joe Professor 254-968-9521
Reisman,  Misti Instructor 254-968-9755
Ross,  Maria Administrative Associate IV 254-968-9186
Sadler,  Dr. Wendell Professor 254-968-9181
Schenewark,  Dr. Jarrod Assistant Professor for Kinesiology 254-968-0593
Stein,  Charles Instructor 254-918-7695
Tallach,  Dr. Thomas Assistant Professor 254-968-9347
Wilson,  Misty Lecturer 254-968-9822
Wolfe,  Andy Instructor 254-968-1721
Zoch,  Ronnie Instructor/Kinesiology 254-968-9316
Function Listings
Name Fax Phone T-Box
Equipment Room - Gym 254-968-9180
Revive Wellness 254-968-1648
Swimming Pool 254-968-9831 254-968-9179 T-0370