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Location: O A GRANT BUILDING Room 327
Phone: 254-968-9039
Fax: 254-968-1931
Box: T-0300

Faculty and Staff Listings
Name Title Email Phone
Barrett,  Dr. Jeanelle Department Head and Associate Professor 254-968-9039
Barlow,  Dr. Renee Assistant Professor 254-968-9318
Bell,  Janet Adjunct 254-968-9039
Brister,  Loretta Assistant Professor 254-968-9039
Burns,  Marissa Administrative Assistant III 254-968-9039
Chappell,  Dr. Julie Professor 254-968-9320
Christopher,  Dr. Joe Professor Emeritus 254-968-1905
Decker,  Marsha Visiting Instructor 254-968-9039
Dillard,  Stephen Adjunct 254-968-9039
Dodson,  Dr. Samuel Professor 254-968-9034
Dooley,  Michael Assistant Professor 254-968-9322
Fraley,  Mike Adjunct 254-968-9039
Godinez,  Barbara Adjunct 254-968-9039
Gonzales,  Lanell Assistant Professor 254-968-9280
Hinson,  Katrina Assistant Professor 254-968-1704
Howe,  Lisa Adjunct 254-968-9039
Jones,  William Assistant Professor 254-968-9284
Konvicka,  Benedda Assistant Professor 254-968-9286
Lilly,  Nick Assistant Professor and Coordinator 254-968-9323
Lincoln,  Katherine Assistant Professor 254-968-9043
Marrugo-Puello,  Dr. B. Cecilia Assistant Professor 254-968-9324
Martin,  Dr. William Professor Emeritus 254-968-9039
McCutchen,  Minerva Instructor 254-968-9042
McGregor,  Dr. Barbara Adjunct 254-968-9750
McNew,  Lisa T Adjunct 254-968-9039
Mcpherson,  Dr. Cynthia Assistant Professor 254-968-9036
Miller,  Stephanie Visting Instructor 254-968-9039
Mollick,  Dr. Kathleen Associate Professor 254-968-9037
Newsome,  Alice Assistant Professor 254-968-9026
Novak-Ladd,  Dr. Jennifer Adjunct 254-968-9039
Quazi,  Dr. Moumin Associate Professor of English 254-968-9283
Richey,  Carolyn Instructor 254-968-9511
Robitaille,  Dr. Marilyn Associate Professor 254-968-9281
Schaefer,  Keri Adjunct 254-968-9039
Shipman,  Dr. B. Mark Professor 254-968-9035
Sword,  Dr. Benjamin Assistant Professor 254-968-9038
Tanter,  Dr. Marcy Professor 254-968-9282
Thompson,  Andrea Instructor 254-968-9892
Thornton,  Molly Instructor 254-968-9025
Tober,  Ed Assistant Professor 254-968-9285
Urban,  Dr. Ivelisse Assistant Department Head & Associate Professor 254-968-9829
Young,  Dr. Mallory Professor 254-968-9041
Function Listings
Name Fax Phone T-Box
Anthology 254-968-1931 254-968-9039 T-0740