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Location: TARLETON CENTER Room 202
Phone: 254-918-7676
Fax: 254-918-7686
Box: T-0055

Faculty and Staff Listings
Name Title Email Phone
Russell,  Micah Manager of Operations -Senior Busniess Administrator ll 254-918-7680
Agapie,  Helen Data Warehousing Specialist II 254-918-7662
Andy,  Russell SQL Developer lll
Ashton,  Charles Geospatial Analyst II 254-918-7687
Bodovsky,  Gregory Senior Programmer Analyst 254-918-7688
Carlile,  Dr. Tom Research Statistician 254-918-7615
Cogdill,  Andrew Business Data Mining Analyst III 254-918-7697
Cook,  Dr. Scott Senior Research Scientist 254-918-7666
Dyas,  Michael SQL Developer ll 254-968-1986
Eiland,  Justin Software Developer III 254-918-7689
Gray,  Wyll Systems Administrator l 254-918-7659
Hay,  Chelsae Project Manager II 254-968-1987
Ireland,  Jennifer Manager of Geospatial Enterprise Services 254-918-7630
John,  Kim Business Data Mining Analyst II 254-918-7691
McKenzie,  Cameron Geospatial Analyst lI 254-918-7676
McLatchy,  Joseph Manager of Data Analytics & Data Mining 254-918-7698
Paulsen,  Matthew Web Mapping Developer Iil 254-918-7684
Perry,  Sean Database Adminstrator lll 254-918-7613
Roberson,  Micha Manager of Data Warehousing 254-918-7690
Russsell,  Andy SQL Developer lll 254-918-7676
Simon,  Rian Systems Administrator lll rsimon@tarleton.educe 254-968-9052
Srinath,  Indumathi Geospatial Analyst lI 254-968-0517
Tabors,  Mark Software Applications Developer II 254-918-7638
VanBibber,  Brandi Products & Infrastructure Manager 254-918-7699
Wakchaure,  Dr. Ashwini GIS Programmer II 254-918-7611
Weatherley,  Greg Data Warehousing Specialist II 254-968-1823