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Partnership with Tarleton and OnRamps

purple OnRamps

OnRamps is a signature initiative developed by the University of Texas at Austin that provides high-quality learning and instruction to high school students and teachers across Texas. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit through dual enrollment courses, and teachers receive robust professional learning and development to deepen their classroom impact. Tarleton State University and OnRamps have partnered to serve students and teachers across school districts in Bosque, Comanche, Ellis, Erath, Hamilton, Hood, Johnson, Palo Pinto, Parker, and Somervell counties.

Beginning in Fall 2022, high school students in the Tarleton OnRamps service area may earn college and high school credits in precalculus and college algebra courses. Specifically, students will receive learning and instruction from their high school teacher and Tarleton college instructor through dual enrollment over a traditional school year.

President James Hurley

"Together, we're building a bridge between secondary and higher education to expand opportunity for some of the brightest minds in Texas."

-President James Hurley

Read the Full Press Release about the Tarleton OnRamps partnership

Goals for the Tarleton OnRamps Partnership

Students Teachers School Districts
Deliver high-quality, learning experiences that are accessible, equitable, and inclusive. Support innovation in instruction and impact on student success through ongoing professional learning and development. Build school districts’ capacity to boost college readiness outcomes and increase student access to earn college credits.

Courses to be offered 2022-2023:

OnRamps College Algebra

College Algebra

(MATH 1314)

A Bridge to Abstraction: A College Algebra Course Containing Algebra II

Deepen critical thinking skills and develop the ability to persist through challenges while exploring function families: Linear, Absolute Value, Quadratic, Polynomial, Radical, Rational, Exponential, and Logarithmic.

3 College Credits
Tarleton Course Code: MATH 1314

Algebra I
Geometry (Recommended)

OnRamps Precalculus


(MATH 2412)

A Creative and Connected Approach

Deepen and extend knowledge of functions, graphs, and equations from high school algebra and geometry courses to prepare for the concepts in a rigorous university-level calculus course.

4 College Credits
Tarleton Course Code: MATH 2412

Algebra II