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Tornados or Inclement Weather

  1. Tornado Watch- (Conditions conducive to the formation of tornadoes).Be sure all persons know actions to take if the situation changes to a tornado warning or a tornado funnel is sighted. Be sure that no physical restrictions exist that would prevent movement to the nearest safe area. (Locked doors, blocked aisles, etc.) If in a frame or sheet metal building and conditions permit, move to a brick or stone building for added protection. Department personnel should monitor the radio or watch the sky/weather for deteriorating conditions.
  2. Tornado Warning - (Tornado sighted in area: City Emergency Siren will sound). Seek shelter immediately. Move to basement or first floor of multistory buildings or to the shelter areas in the buildings listed below. Because of possible power failures, avoid using elevators. Avoid glassed-in areas. Inner hallways are normally safe. If unable to move to a building shelter, move to the lowest or most depressed ground area available. Remain sheltered until radio stations announce that severe weather conditions no longer exist or the all clear emergency siren signal sounds.
  3. Public Shelter Designations – The Health & Physical Education Building and the Thompson Student Center is designated as safe areas for the general public during emergencies.
  4. Shelter Areas in Buildings - (Shelter areas will not be marked). Department supervisors will brief each employee in the work place regarding where they should go. View shelter locations in individual University Buildings.

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