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What is an Export?

  • Physical Export is sending any material to foreign locations and includes both hand carry and electronic exports.
  • Deemed Export is disclosing controlled technology and/or technical data whether written, oral, or visually to a foreign person in the United States (may also include access to visual inspection of ITAR equipment).

Export Control

View the Export Control Issues Checklist for hiring foreign nationals.

Traveling to foreign countries or working with foreign national collaborators, institutions or students may fall under the purview of such federal export control laws and regulations.

These regulations may involve:

  • Military technology (including nearly all space-based research),
  • “Dual-use” technologies (including a wide range of equipment from distillers to lasers) or
  • Nearly any kind of financial transactions with certain embargoed countries or individuals.

These impacts are not limited to the physical export of equipment or software; “deemed exports”, it includes the dissemination of technical information to foreign persons, whether it occurs within or outside the US.

This may occur in the context of:

  • Presentations
  • Emails
  • Personal conversations
  • Site tours
  • In training of foreign national research personnel.

In many cases, basic and applied research may be included under one or more of the exemptions or exclusions provide in the regulations. In some cases, it may be necessary to apply for an export license or Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA). TAAs can take considerable time to develop, so Principal Investigators (PIs) should contact the Risk Management and Compliance department as early as possible if you think these may be required.

Foreign persons having a residence in a foreign country, who are not employees or enrolled students of Tarleton, and are coming to the University on a temporary basis as a result of a verbal or written invitation from a University official are identified as International Visiting Scholars.

Complete the Visiting Scholar Invitation Form

Export Control Forms

Decision Making Tree
Export Control Purchasing Guidance
Request to Active-Deactivate Access to Export Control Compliance Software
Technology Control Plan form
Export License Exception (TMP) form
Export Control Information Sheet

Tarleton State University's Empowered Official is Dr. Barry Lambert and he can be reached at 254-968-9463 or

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Contact Info

Chuck Gilliland
Compliance Officer - Export Controls
Phone: 254-968-9196