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Frequently Asked Questions

So how do I get started in the Texan Army ROTC program?
By enrolling in ROTC am I joining the Army?
Is ROTC like "boot camp" or Basic Training?
Can Graduate Level students enroll in Army ROTC?
How much time does Army ROTC take each week?
How can Army ROTC help me as I adjust to college life?
What can I expect to learn by taking Army ROTC classes?
What makes ROTC different from regular college management courses?
Is there a military obligation during college?
What is the ROTC curriculum comprised of?
Does Army ROTC offer scholarships?
On what basis are scholarship winners chosen?
Can only scholarship winners enroll in Army ROTC?
How do students benefit from Army ROTC?
How can Army ROTC pay for college?
Can I join the Army National Guard or Army Reserves and enroll In Army ROTC at the same time?
So what happens after I graduate from college and the ROTC program?
What type of career opportunities are available?
Can I take an Army ROTC course as an elective, without having to serve in the military?
What is the 2-year Army ROTC Program?
Will I get deployed overseas while enrolled in Army ROTC?
What type of degree should I pursue if I was Interested in Army ROTC?
Do I have to be physically fit to Join the Army ROTC?
Can a student participate in other campus organizations while enrolled in Army ROTC?
Do I have to pay for the military uniforms that Army ROTC cadets wear during labs and classes?
Is enrolling in Army ROTC the same as joining the Army? Once a student starts taking ROTC courses, is he/she obligated to join the Army?
What kinds of scholarships are available in Army ROTC? Are any of the scholarships retroactive?
What is my Army service obligation to pay back any scholarship benefits, or for enrollment in the ROTC Advanced Course?
What good is Army ROTC for a career outside of the Army?
Why should I choose Army ROTC over a different branch's ROTC?
Are all college majors compatible with Army ROTC?
What are Army ROTC courses like? How will the class work help me? Will ROTC classes interfere with my other studies?
How will being an Army ROTC Cadet affect my daily life? Do Cadets experience normal college life and activities?
What are the chances that I will be deployed to support the Global War on Terrorism?
Can I go into the Army Reserve or National Guard after graduation instead of the regular Army?
What is the typical career path for an Army Officer? What career fields are available?