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Texan Headquarters Fall 2011- Spring 2012 Photos

Thanks for visiting our Fall 2011- Spring 2012 Photos page.  Here is a small sampling of our activities and interaction with the community.  Please visit our Facebook Page for more photos. If you're interested in joining us, we always welcome someone wanting to contribute to their community and become an outstanding officer through our program.

                                                                                Passing Each Other By

                                                                                      Spring 2012 Day Land Navigation

                                   Texan Basketball Military Appreciation Game                             Training Lab

                                 Texan Basketball Military Apppreciation Game                                       Training Lab 15 FEB 2012

                                   Fall 2011 Commissioning Ceremony                             Mr. TUS

                                       Fall 2011 Commissioning Ceremony                                                  Homecoming 2011

                                   TSU Military Appreciation Football Game                             Archived Photos from Fall 2011

                                           TSU Military Appreciation Football                                                    Photos from Fall 2011

                                                                                        TSU TEXAN BATTALION FACEBOOK ALBUMS