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2019 HOF

Tarleton Rodeo Hall of Fame

2020 Inductees

Bray Armes

York Gill

Cody Horwedel

Clayton Jackson

Blake Texeiria

Ryan Watkins

2019 Inductees

Neelley Armes

Jackie Crawford

Tessie Doyle

Sarah Verhelst

2018 Inductees

Bradley Harter

Kim Todd Hodge

Tommy Houston

2017 Inductees

  • Isaac Diaz
  • The Fambro Family
  • Robert Anderson

2016 Inductees

  • Richard "Tooter" Waites - Burleson, Tx
  • Ronnie Ray - Stephenville,Tx
  • Levi Garcia- Gonzales, Tx
  • Kurt Kiehne - Canyon, Tx
  • Debbie Garrison - Weatherford, Tx

2015 Inductees

  • Jennifer Smith Driver - Garden City, Tx
  • Kenneth David Key - Stephenville, Tx
  • Turtle Powell - Stephenville, Tx
  • Steve Fryar - Big Spring, Tx

2014 Inductees

2013 Inductees

  • Billy Albin- Comanche, Tx
  • Charles Bitters- Mineral Wells, Tx
  • Johnny Kirk Edmonson- Sylvester, Tx
  • Bobby Hungate- Waco, Tx
  • Lionel Lane- Dennis, Tx
  • Randy Magers- Comanche, Tx
  • Terry Walls- Goldwaite, Tx
  • Carl Chumney- Stephenville, Tx
  • Dr. Ken Dorris- Stephenville, Tx

2012 Inductees

  • Martha Tompkins Wright- Stephenville, Tx
  • Vicki Higgins Emerson- Lampasas, Tx
  • Sharon Harrison Youngblood- Lamesa, Tx
  • Connie Wilkinson Wood- Newcastle, Tx
  • Angie Watts Averhoff- Fort Worth, Tx
  • Sally Preston- Collinsville, Tx
  • Karen Walls- Aubrey, Tx
  • Hadley Reed- Spearman, Tx


The Rodeo Hall of Fame honors those individuals and teams who have made an outstanding contribution to Tarleton State University Rodeo. These individuals/teams will have performed at a level distinctly and significantly higher than that of their teammates or associates. Their performance will have brought honor and distinction to Tarleton State University. Induction reflects the University’s appreciation of these outstanding rodeo achievements and their commitment to excellence in a competitive environment.

Nomination Committee

The Rodeo Hall of Fame Nomination Committee consists of (7) seven individuals appointed by the President of Tarleton State University. The members shall consist of the current rodeo coach, two at-large members, two Tarleton alumni, one current rodeo student, and one hall of fame member. In addition, the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and the Vice President of Student Affairs will serve in a non-voting, ex-officio capacity. All members with the exception of the current rodeo coach will serve two three-year terms in which prior members may be reappointed after setting out one term (three years). The President shall appoint the chairperson of the nominating committee.

Eligibility for Nomination

Student rodeo athlete and rodeo team nominees must meet the following criteria.

  1. A nominee becomes eligible five years after the last season of rodeo participation at Tarleton
  2. The nominee must have participated in collegiate rodeo for a minimum of two years at Tarleton
  3. The nominee is not required to be a graduate from Tarleton
  4. The nominee’s rodeo performance record must be exceptional and noteworthy
  5. The nominee shall have demonstrated strength of character which brought honor and distinction to Tarleton State University.

Individuals other than student-athletes and teams may be nominated. These individuals must have made a significant and sustained contribution to the Tarleton State University rodeo program. Current coaches of Tarleton State University are not eligible for consideration.

Exceptions to any of the eligibility criteria described above require unanimous vote of the nomination committee and approval of the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Nomination Procedure

Names may be placed in nomination by completing the Hall of Fame nomination form located in the Hall of Fame section on the Tarleton Rodeo Activities website at If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the rodeo office at (254)968-9187 and form will be sent to you.

Final Approval of Members

The President of Tarleton State University shall have the final approval of all inductees.

Hall of Fame Nomination Forms

Nomination Form