People who are in isolation should stay home until it’s safe to be around others. In the home, anyone sick or infected should separate from others by staying in a specific “sick room” or area and using a separate bathroom, if available.

Steps To Take If COVID-19 Positive

  • Stay home except to get medical care, and:
  • Monitor your symptoms. If you have an emergency indication (like trouble breathing), seek medical care immediately
  • Stay in a separate room from other household members, if possible
  • Use a separate bathroom, if available
  • Avoid contact with other members of the household and pets
  • Don’t share personal household items (cups, towels, utensils)
  • Do not attend face-to-face classes, on-campus work or university activities, events, etc.

Learn more about what to do if you are sick.

If You Test Positive for COVID-19 (Isolate)

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Stay home for 5 days (after the onset of symptoms or the date your COVID-19 test was administered reflecting a positive result).
  • If you have no symptoms or your symptoms are resolving after 5 days, you can leave your house and return to work or school.
  • Recommend wearing a mask around others for 5 additional days.

If you have a fever, continue to stay home until your fever resolves.


Students Do Not need to provide a release from their primary care physician or from Student Health Services.

Employees are not required to provide a negative test prior to returning to work.

Employees who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should follow the guidance posted on the CDC website and make decisions based on their individual health status.