The university will adhere to the published fall 2020 catalog unless directed otherwise by Gov. Greg Abbott or The Texas A&M University System. The semester begins Thursday, Aug. 20, with Tuesday, Dec. 1, the last day for in-person classes. Dec. 2 is a reading day in preparation for finals Dec. 3-9.

Required COVID-19 Student Training and Certification

All students are required to complete an online COVID-19 training and certification course no later than the first day of class regardless of campus location or class delivery (face-to-face, online, hybrid). If you are returning to campus before the first day of class, you must compete the training prior to arrival. Students who do not complete the required course, will not be allowed to attend face-to-face classes, events and activities. The training is available on your Canvas Course Dash Board. Simply log in to Canvas.

Class Delivery

Fall 2020 classes will be offered in the following delivery modes: face-to-face, hybrid/HyFlex and online. It’s the Tarleton way of offering greater choice to manage coursework during an evolving global health crisis.


We will continue our tradition of offering quality in-class instruction where safe physical distancing allows for regularly scheduled classes. All of our learning spaces have been evaluated to determine new occupancy limits, and these limits will be posted outside each space.


Hybrid/HyFlex are unique delivery modes that blend multiple forms of instruction: face-to-face in classroom, face-to-face remote synchronous interactive classes, and remote asynchronous classes. All modes will be used simultaneously.

  • Face-to-face — Just like it sounds. Students and faculty attend classes or labs in person.
  • Remote synchronous — Students log in to the real-time class from any device with an internet connection. They can view the live class and participate remotely via Zoom from any location.
  • Remote asynchronous — Students access recordings of the class after it occurs. Instructors post links to the recordings in Canvas within 24-48 hours. While they cannot actively participate in the real-time class, students can view the class, in-class discussions and activities. Asynchronous sessions support students who are ill, required to isolate or in quarantine. Students exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should opt for remote synchronous or asynchronous sessions.


Tarleton has offered degrees fully online for nearly 20 years. This is common delivery for many programs and does not require face-to-face interaction.