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Withdrawing from the University

Withdrawing from the university means a student withdraws from all of their courses.

  • Students may withdraw from all their classes through myGateway prior to the first day of classes beginning for that semester.
  • Beginning on the first day of classes, students who wish to withdraw from the university must fill out an official withdrawal request form which can be obtained in the Registrar’s office.
  • Students attending classes off-campus, online, or who are unable to visit the campus may contact the Registrar's Office at 254-968-9419 or by email at for more information on how to obtain the form.

Students are not automatically withdrawn from the university if they do not attend class. Students may be financially and academically impacted if they do not properly withdraw from the university.

Please review the Academic Calendar for official withdraw dates and deadlines.

  • The effective withdraw date is the date the withdraw is reported to and recorded in the Registrar’s office.
  • Students who have paid fees in full and withdraw from the university will receive refunds for tuition and fees according to the refund schedule listed on the Business Services website..
  • Students paying on an installment basis and who withdraw from the university will be required to pay the balance of fees due.

Student registration may be held on the following conditions:

  • Funds from scholarship(s), financial aid, contracts, exemptions, and other means that have been applied to a student’s bill
  • A student accepts his/her financial aid awards
  • Short-term loan application/Promissory Note for emergency tuition and fees loan (covers first installment only)
 Students who have pre-registered for classes and decide not to attend Tarleton should contact the Registrar's Office regarding withdrawing from the university, and should not assume they will be dropped for non-payment.


Effective Summer 2017! Students enrolled in multiple parts of term who would like to withdraw,  may now do so for any part of term for which the withdrawal deadline has not passed.  For example, a student enrolled in a 1st 8 week course and two 12 week courses who decides to withdraw after the 1st 8 week withdrawal deadline but before the 12 week withdrawal deadline will be allowed to withdraw from both of the 12 week courses. The census and drop deadlines for each part of term are available in the Academic Calendar within the catalog.

We understand this may be confusing! Please contact the Registrar's Office to discuss your particular drop/withdrawal situation.

For more information on Tarleton State University's withdrawal and drop policies, as well as refund schedules, please visit the Business Services website.  Students may also contact the Registrar's Office at 254-968-9121 or for more information on dropping a course or withdrawing from the university.