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Waitlist is a feature which allows a student to add themselves to a waitlist for a course section that has met its maximum enrollment limit. Waitlist eliminates the need to request a registration override permit for a closed class that has been set up with the Waitlist option.

Students who opt in and waitlist for a closed section will be notified through email at their email account when a seat becomes available.

Participating Academic Departments

The department of English and Languages will be piloting a Waitlist feature for the spring 2013 semester.  The following English courses will have sections available for the waitlist feature:

  • ENGL 210- The Short Story
  • ENGL 220- Intro to Literature
  • ENGL 309- Technical Writing & Document Design

General Guidelines for Students

  • Waitlist is based on a first-come, first serve basis, meaning the first student who signs up for Waitlisting is the first student who is eligible to register in the section once a seat becomes available.
  • Being placed on a Waitlist does not mean the student is registered into that section and it also does not guarantee the student a seat.
  • Waitlisting is only available until the first class day of the semester. After that date, all requests will be removed and the student must contact the instructor or academic department offering the course if an override is still desired.
  • Waitlisting is not available on all courses.
  • Waitlisting does not override co-requisites, pre-requisites, links, time conflicts, and class restrictions such as major, department, level, and college. Students must meet the qualifications required to enroll in the class.
  • 48 hour window of opportunity to register for a waitlisted course.
  • Academic departments/instructors will continue to process registration overrides on classes that do not have the Waitlist option.
  • Students can waitlist for more than one course.
  • Students can remove themselves from a waitlisted course before the 48 hour time frame expires by selecting "Drop Web" in the action box on the registration worksheet.


  • How do students sign up for a Waitlisted course?
    • During the registration process on the Add/Drop Classes page through myGateway, students will be able to select and add themselves to a waitlisted course if available.
  • Are all courses set up with the Waitlist option?
    • No. Each department will evaluate which courses are set up with Waitlisting. For the Spring 2012 semester, select courses from the Department of English and Languages will be available for Waitlist.
  • If a student adds themselves to a Waitlist, are they enrolled in the section?
    • No. Adding a Waitlist course to a student's record does not guarantee the student a seat in the course or add registration. A student will receive an email notification to their email account and will have 48 hours from the time the notification was sent to register for the course.
  • Do registration restrictions prevent students from adding the Waitlisted course?
    • Yes. Like the normal registration process, students cannot add themselves to the Waitlist if they do not meet the registration requirements such as a registration hold, pre-requisite, co-requisite, time conflict, major restriction, class restriction, etc. During the Waitlist process, they will receive an error message of any restrictions.
  • What happens if the student misses the 48 hour deadline to register for the waitlisted course?
    • If the student misses the deadline to register, they can add themselves back onto the waitlist, but will be at the end of the waitlist line.
  • Can a student be placed on more than one waitlist?
    • Yes. Multiple waitlisted courses can be added.
  • Can a student drop a waitlisted course before the 48 hour time frame expires?
    • Yes. Students may select "Drop Web" from the drop down menu in the action box for the waitlisted course they wish to drop. This can be done through DuckTrax on the registration worksheet up until the third class day.
  • Where will the email notification be sent when a seat becomes available in the waitlisted section?
    • The waitlist notification is sent to the student's university email ( address. It will be the responsibility of the student to regularly check their university email account to ensure they are receiving the waitlist notification.
  • When is the last day a student can add a Waitlisted course?
    • The last day students can add a waitlisted course to their schedule will be the first day of classes. Refer to the university calendar for important dates and deadlines. After the last day to register for classes, all waitlisted courses will be purged of all requests.


Please contact the Registrar's Office at 254-968-9510 or 9419 or with any questions regarding waitlisting.