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3-Peat Rule

The 3-Peat Rule was passed by the State of Texas to discourage students from repeating courses. Texas residents attempting the same course for a third time since Fall 2002 will be charged an additional $100 per credit hour for that course. This provision is described in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules (Chapter 13, Subchapter B, §13.25).

If you enroll in a course and decide to drop the course, any hours that were attempted will count toward the limit imposed by the 3-Peat Rule. If you drop the course prior to the official reporting date, the hours will not be counted against the limit imposed by the 3-Peat Rule.

Attempted hours are calculated for courses in which a student is enrolled on official reporting day, which is approximately two weeks after the beginning of fall and spring semesters and one week after the beginning of summer semesters.

Semester credit hours or contact hours attempted by students for the following types of coursework are exempt from the 3-Peat Rule:

  • Thesis and dissertation courses
  • Independent study courses
  • Special topics and seminar courses
  • Continuing Education courses that must be repeated to retain professional certification
  • Developmental Education coursework taken three or more times will be allowed; however, developmental coursework in excess of 18 hours is subject to additional charges

Courses that may be repeated for credit because they involve different or more advanced course content each time they are taken, including but not limited to: individual music lessons, Workforce Education Course Manual Special Topics courses (when the topic changes), theater practicum, music performance, ensembles, certain physical education and Kinesiology courses, and studio art are also exempt from the 3-Peat Rule.


Any student who is being charged additional tuition rates for violating the 3-Peat Rule is eligible to file an appeal. Students who are not currently being charged additional tuition rates do not need to file an appeal.

If you are unsure if you are currently in violation of either the Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule and/or the 3-Peat Rule you can email the Office of the Registrar or call us at 254-968-9417.

The Appeal process only covers a current semester of enrollment. Students must file an appeal for every semester that they are affected by the 3-Peal Rule. Any Appeal Board decision will be made for a current semester and does not carry over to future semesters.

Filing an Undergraduate 3-PEAT Rule Appeal
Supporting Documentation
Appeal Board Meetings