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Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule

As of Fall 2006, new undergraduate students whose attempted hours exceeds, by at least 30 hours of the hours required for the completion of the degree program, may be charged tuition at a higher rate. Texas Education Code § 54.014 provides a limit on the number of hours an undergraduate Texas resident may attempt while paying in-state tuition rates. This Legislation impacts new undergraduate students enrolling in an institution of higher education in Fall 1999 or thereafter.

Students who have not selected a major are considered, by state law, to have a degree requirement of 120 hours. The higher rate will not exceed the rate charged to non-resident undergraduate students. A resident student is one who pays the in-state rate for tuition purposes.

At Tarleton State University, tuition for students exceeding attempted hours allowed in the Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule will be charged an additional $100 per semester credit hour.

This rule applies to Texas resident Undergraduates enrolling in an institution of higher education in Fall 1999 or thereafter and will apply even if the student changes their major.

Students First Enrolled Before Fall 1999
Students First Enrolled After Fall 1999 and Before Summer 2006
Students First Enrolled After Summer 2006

If you are pursuing a double major or pursing two baccalaureate degrees at the same time, the major with the highest total required hours for the degree will be used to calculate the hours allowed toward the Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule. All hours towards a minor will also be counted.

Hours that count toward the “Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule” include semester credit hours from all state-funded institutions in Texas recorded on your record as incomplete, withdrew, failed, or any other such designations will be counted as attempted hours.

Any hours taken beyond the total hours allowed under the “Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule”, no matter if they count toward your Degree Program or not, will affect your tuition rate.

Additionally, the following hours will be counted:

  • All undergraduate level semester credit hours attempted at Tarleton State University regardless of whether they count towards a degree.
  • All state-funded transfer hours attempted at any Texas public institution of higher education that the student attended
  • Hours attempted, or hours dropped after the official census date of a semester. Classes dropped before the official census date are not funded and do not count toward a student’s credit limit.
  • Optional internships, cooperative education courses, and repeated courses are counted toward the Undergraduate Funding Limit

Social Security or retirement status, family status requiring financial aid, or suspension and enrollment in a new major or degree does not exempt students from the Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule.


Any student who is being charged additional tuition rates in accordance with the Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule is eligible to file an appeal.

Students who are not currently being charged additional tuition rates do not need to file an appeal. If you are unsure if you are currently/will be affected by the Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule you can contact the Office of the Registrar by email at or by phone at 254-968-9121.

The Appeal process must be filed for each semester that a student is affected by the Undergraduate Funding Limit. Any Appeal Board decision applies for the current semester only and will not carry over to any subsequent semester.

Additional Information

To learn more about the Undergraduate Funding Limit Rule please speak with an Advisor or contact the Registrar's Office at 254-968-9121 or email the Office of the Registrar.