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$1000 Tuition Rebate Information

Graduate in a timely manner and save thousands of dollars!

The purpose of this program is to provide financial incentive for a student to complete their bachelor’s degree with as few courses outside their degree plan as possible. Minimizing the number of courses taken by a student results in financial savings to the student, their parents, and the state.


  • Students who took their first college courses in Fall 1997 or later;
  • Students who have attempted three hours or less above the minimum credit hours required to complete the degree (hours for minors are included in your credit hours total unless the minor is required by the degree);
  • Students who have been Texas residents at all times while pursuing their degree;
  • Students who have been entitled to pay in-state tuition rates at all times while pursuing the degree;
  • Students who have not yet graduated:
  • Students who graduated high school in the fall of 2005 or later are graduating in a timely manner which is typically four calendar years:
  • Students who have paid some amount from non-gifted aid (i.e. personal funds or loans) to cover tuition expenses.


Students qualify for the $1000 rebate if they have attempted no more than three semester credit hours in excess of the minimum number of hours required for their degree (including all W’s and F’s). Beginning with students admitted for the first time in Fall 2005, a student must ALSO graduate in a timely manner to earn the tuition rebate. According to the most recent revision of the law governing the tuition rebate program, a student who wants to qualify to receive the rebate must graduate within four calendar years for a four-year degree or within five calendar years for a five-year degree "if the degree is in architecture, engineering, or any other program determined by the Texas Coordinating Board to require more than four years to complete." Although there are certain exceptions for hardship situations, most part-time students will no longer be eligible to receive the tuition rebate.


Attempted hours include every course for which the student has registered, as of the official Census Date, in every semester, including: developmental courses taken for credit, repeated courses, and courses from which the student withdraws (dropped courses as well as withdrawal from the college or university). If a student has dropped more than one course after the official Census Date, he or she will probably not qualify for the rebate. A recent change in the law allows the first nine hours of credit earned by examination (credit earned on the basis of AP courses, CLEP, or credit granted for high SAT or ACT scores) to be exempt - those first nine credit hours taken in high school for both high school and college credit - continue as hours attempted.


Each university administers the tuition program on campus. Students must apply for the tuition rebate prior to receiving their bachelor's degree, using forms provided by their college or university.

You make pick up the form at the Registrar’s Office or you can download the form by clicking on the following link:
$1000 Tuition Rebate Form


Find additional information for the $1000 Tuition Rebate program at College for Texans.

To read more about this program, please see Texas Education Code Section 54.0065, Coordinating Board Rules, Chapter 13, Subchapter E

Contact the Registrar's Office ( for more information.

To Contact the Registrar's Office:

Office of the Registrar
Tarleton State University
Box T - 0620
Stephenville, TX 76402
PHONE 254-968-9121 (or) FAX 254-968-9389