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Timely Graduation

Graduate in a timely manner and save thousands of dollars!

Graduating in a timely manner can save students thousands of dollars.  The State of Texas has implemented legislation that all state supported institutions must comply with.  Some of these programs have benefits for students who graduate in a timely manner, while others have consequences.  It is very important that students are aware of these programs and stay on their academic track.  Students who unnecessarily drop classes, change their major often, take classes unrelated to their major, and often repeat classes may be charged additional fees.  The following are programs that Tarleton State University has implemented due to this legislation.  Students should review this information carefully so they can plan to graduate in a reasonable time frame and save thousands of dollars.

Benefits to graduating in a Timely Manner:

Consequences for taking excessive hours:

How to appeal Undergraduate Funding Limit and 3-Peat additional tuition costs:



Frequently Asked Questions regarding:

  • Undergraduate Funding Limit
  • 3-Peat Rule
  • Limits on Dropped Courses and Withdrawals

More Questions about Undergraduate Funding Limit, 3-Peat, or Limits on Dropped Courses or Withdrawal please email or contact the Registrar's office at 254-968-9121.