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Student Grades

Midterm Grades

At mid-semester, preliminary grades will be assigned to freshman and sophomores in 1000 and 2000 level courses and made available to the student via myGateway for student self-service. Midterm grades are for progress reporting purposes only, are not recorded on the student's permanent record and will be replaced with a final grade at the end of the semester.

Please note that not all courses post midterm grades.

Final Grades

Final grades in all courses will be available online at the end of the semester. Students may access their final grades and unofficial transcript online through myGateway. As grades are posted by faculty at the end of the semester, they will be displayed on the student's record and available for viewing the day after the grade is posted. For example, if an instructor posts the final grades for his section on Monday, they will be available to students online through myGateway on Tuesday.

Once all final grades have been posted for all students, the Registrar's Office will conduct "End of Term Processing". End of Term Processing includes:

  • Rolling grades to academic history (for viewing online and updating student records)
  • Updating repeated courses
  • Calculating and updating the semester and cumulative GPA
  • Determine academic standing and distinguished students

Cumulative (Overall) Grade Point Average

The cumulative (overall) grade point average shown on a Tarleton academic transcript and the Student Information System (Banner) reflects work completed at Tarleton State University and any transfer credit a student has earned.

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